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10 awesome last minute costumes!

Hey everyone, thanks for coming! Today I will be giving you 10 WICKED AWESOME  last minute Halloween costumes! Without further ado, let’s get started! 🙂

  1. When life gives you lemons; Grab a white shirt, a black permanent OR washable marker, and a few lemons from your refrigerator. First decide if you would like it to be PERMANENT. If this is a favorite shirt of yours, use  a washable marker. Take your marker of choice and write LIFE on your shirt. Grab those lemons and you’re ready to head out! Have fun trick or treating!  Image
  2. Wait! Don’t ruin that shirt yet. Cupcake; You can be a cupcake! Hold on to that white shirt from earlier, get a few colorful markers, a beige skirt, shorts, or pants, a red balloon, and lastly, a pair of scissors. First grab your scissors and cut a curvy line on the bottom of your shirt. It should look like the letter u repeated over and over. Next, take your colorful markers and draw lots of lines on the shirt, these represent sprinkles. Glue the red balloon to a headband. This is your cherry. put on your beige bottoms, cupcake top, and then slide on your cherry. Have a SWEET time! Image
  3. Angel and devil; This one is for you and a buddy, or you could choose one for yourself. What you will need: white shirt, black shirt, two headbands, and a few yellow and red pipe cleaners. First, choose who you will be. Angel: Put on the white shirt. Grab your headband and attach two yellow pipe cleaners so  they stick straight up. Bend the top of them, Make a circle with another pipe cleaner and put it in the folds. slide your halo on! Devil: Put on your black shirt. Grab a few red pipe cleaners. Make two triangles with them, use another pipe cleaner and make a loop through both triangles and the headband. This should attach securely to the headband. these are your devil horns. Now you and a friend can go trick or treating in a twin costume set! Image For a slightly different but more detailed video, click here: Video
  4.  Bank robber; All you need is a striped black and white shirt, a black permanent maker, a white trash bag/ shopping bag, and a black mask click here to learn how to make the mask: Video. Put on the striped shirt. Grab your black marker and draw a dollar sign on your plastic bag. slip on your mask and you’re done!  Image
  5. Error costume not found; All you will be needing for this costume is a black marker and a white shirt. This is very simple, all you have to write is Error 404 Costume not found. Pretty simple, right? 😉 Image
  6. The next costume is a cool Glow in the dark stick figure;. All you will need are black pants and a black shirt, and glow sticks. attach the glow sticks so they look like a stick figure on your clothes. You’re done! Image If you need a little more explanation though, click here: Video
  7. Twister board game; This is a fun take on the classic twister board game. Now, you can actually do this two ways! first what you will need is a white top and a matching bottom. Here comes the choosing part. Felt or paper? You may want to save this costume and use it more than once, or you may want to keep the clothes. In any case the steps are the same. Cut out colorful circles with felt or paper and glue them to your shirt. You can also use a strong tape if you don’t want to ruin your clothes. You can carry the game around with you if you don’t want to keep explaining what you’re supposed to be. 😉
  8. Minion; All you’ll need are a yellow hoodie, blue overalls, and a pair of circular goggles. Need your own goggles?: Video Put everything on and you’re good to go. 🙂 Image 
  9. Mime; All you will need for this one are black pants, a striped shirt, black suspenders, white face paint (optional), white gloves (optional), and black eyeliner. Slip on the clothes, put on the gloves, cover your face in white, and then do a triangle with the eyeliner under each eye. You can also make a sign that says trick or treat if you really want to act it out without saying anything! 🙂  Image
  10. Lastly, we have the classic. The ghost; If you’re feeling simple, that’s fine! Grab a white sheet and cut two holes in it for the eyes. That’s it! Image

Thanks for tuning in! I worked really hard on this post and appreciate it! 🙂 Have a wonderful day!





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