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Halloween Party

Happy Halloween everyone! Tomorrow is Halloween and if you’re planning a party look no further! Here are a few great ideas!


1. What’s in the Bowl? 

Grab four bowls. You can put anything in them and give all the ingredients spooky Halloween names like frog eyes (grapes) witch’s fingernails (pistachio shells) Newt’s tails (shredded gum) vampire guts ( diced pineapple). You can change the names and ingredients to your liking! Each party guest will stick their hand in and guess what it is. You first tell them the spooky name. Make sure to keep track of who guesses what because at the end you will see who got the most right. You can give them a skull trophy, Halloween erasers, spooky pencils etc; as a prize.



2. Classic Movie!

Obviously this is very self-explanatory. Pick a classic such as Hocus Pocus or Halloweentown and watch it!



3. Trivia to Win

This is not very Halloween themed but it is very fun! Get any small thing such as erasers, pencils, book lights, a loofah, any GAG gifts 🙂 . Wrap them up and place them on the ground. Get any trivia cards or make your own. link to trivia cards   link to more trivia cards  Have them answer but time them for 10 seconds. If they don’t get it in ten seconds, they have to wait until next round to try a different card. If they get it right, they choose a wrapped gift from the pile. Everyone should end up with one gift. The first player is allowed to unwrap and then look at their gift. Then they decide whether they should trade with a person who has  already opened a gift or if they should keep their gift. Then, the next person takes a turn. He or she repeats the same steps as the person before them. This time, like before, they decide between trading with anyone before them or keeping their gift. After the last person has gone, the first player goes again. They go again because since no one opened a gift before them, they never got an oppurtunity to trade. This option gives them that chance.



4. Clementine Pumpkin

All you have to do is take a few sharpies the color of your choice and have fun decorating your clementine like it was a pumpkin!





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