Welcome back everyone! I haven’t posted in a while (as you probably noticed). I decided I will try to post every Sunday. You also may have noticed the new blog background color, red… Christmas is SOOO close and I’m SOOO excited! I am planning on having many festive posts, one of which will be a collaboration with Craftingqueen03. If you have read my post titled Decipher It, then you may be confused on why you don’t see numbers anymore. If you saw the eight in my old post, I was planning on having the word be welcome but… I am going to do something else, so forget about the eight. Here is your new number to start the word: 13.Β 

I am looking forward to more posts, thanks for tuning in!







I'm a soccer lover who bakes, crafts, sews, reads, and blogs! I love what I do and that's why I do it. Yes I do like school. I'm a bookworm after all. I am a woman of science, a math whiz, and an ELA star!

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